About RewardsPlus revolution

It is obvious that as technology becomes more integrated into our culture, it creates a digital divide. Millions of small and medium-sized retailers are under attack from e-com giant. 

But no longer. 
We at RewardsPlus are dedicated to closing the digital divide. We're on a quest to turn technology into an enabler. We are driven by a desire to provide millions of small and medium-sized businesses in India with access to the latest technological innovations. 

We firmly belive that with access to our cutting-edge technology, your business  will thrive and never face challenges due to technological limitations.

Let’s join the revolution and shape the future of Retail in India.

Meet the team behind the machine

Avinash is the CEO and Founder of RewardsPlus. His focus is solving real-world problems and creating solutions around them.

He is RewardsPlus' lifeline. He brings products to life as COO.

Awdhesh adds the most important technological aspects to RewardsPlus Revolution.

Priyanka leads the RewardsPlus sales team. In the RewardsPlus sales meeting, she acts as the devil's advocate for our partners. When she is not working, she enjoys reading and has a strong desire to teach.

He is the director of technology for the iOS environment. When pushed, he always goes above and beyond.

The magic which happens on frontend is the result of the hard work done by AT. He is Chellum Sir for us.

By nature, Neeraj is a designer. No matter how complicated the problem statement is, he simplifies it so that everyone may understand it.

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